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How I Work

My initial training was in person-centred counselling - also called Rogerian and client-centred therapy. Client-centred therapy places the individual at the heart of the process rather than the therapist's techniques, requiring the therapist to be with the client in a genuine way rather than 'hide' behind a professional façade. I was drawn to this way of working because it enables the client to feel equal and supported.

In client-centred therapy we work together at your pace. I will work with you rather than being an observer or telling you what to do. You won't be treated like a patient, instead I will support you in exploring whatever it is troubling you, and help you to make changes that feel right for you.


My approach to couples therapy is called Behavioural Systems. With this practical approach we look at the patterns in your relationship, how you communicate and where you get stuck. I will help you to identify what's going wrong and teach you the skills to make positive and lasting changes. Through couples therapy you can enrich your relationship, develop a deeper understanding of each other and start to fulfil your potential as a couple. Don't feel you have to wait until your relationship is on the rocks before you ask for help, seeking couples counselling is a sign of commitment and courage not failure.